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About Naidu History

Naidu (also spelt Nayudu or Naidoo) is a caste name and a title used by many social groups predominantly in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. It is taken from the Telugu derivation of the Sanskrit word Nayaka, meaning protector or leader".

Naidu is used to refer to people belonging to the Kapu (caste) s - Balija / Balija Naidu, Telaga, Munnuru Kapu, Ontari Kapu and Turpu Kapu. Naidus constitute about 25% of the population of Andhra Pradesh.

The Nayaka title was originally conferred upon the Kapu community Telaga /Balija but later during the expansion of the Vijayanagar kingdom into Southern India, the title was also conferred upon other non-Telugu speaking communities who served as Commanders, Barons or Governors under the Vijayanagar emperors in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

The Nayaka's origins can be traced to the expansion of the Western Chalukyas into Andhra country in the 7th Century. Later, the usage of the terms Nayaka or Danda Nayaka came into vogue during the Vishnukundina dynasty who ruled the Krishna and Godavari deltas during the 3rd Century A.D.

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